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World class director

Not sure Terry George, director of the soon to be released Reservation Road, could make a bad movie. After all, this is the man who directed and wrote Hotel Rwanda, netting the gorgeous Sophie Okonedo a supporting actress nomination from Oscar himself. With other credits including: The Boxer, Hart’s War and In the Name of the Father, among others, Terry George is certainly a director to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to see what he has done with the prime material and great actors in this next winning effort.


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Always making unexpected choices

Joaquin Phoenix is always such a mystery to me. We never read much about his personal life, and he is somewhat obscure in interviews. It all gives him a real layer of mystery on top of the good looks and acting chops. I loved his last turn as Johnny Cash in Stand By your Man — I never thought Joaquin would be able to pull that one off. That’s why I love this newest role of his as a tormented dad in Reservation Road. It’s great to see him in a slightly more grown up way, not being a Roman prince or country singer. Just a dad dealing with a terrible tragedy.

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OOOH, I Love Mark Ruffalo

I really, do. Ever since he first appeared with Laura Linney in “You Can Count On Me” as the somewhat dysfunctional younger brother of the main character, I have been a big fan of his. I also like that he named his first son Keen, after spending many weeks in hot debate over it (the hospital actually called him and said they would put baby boy Ruffalo on the birth certificate if Mark and his wife did not make a real decision about the name). Anyway, this guy has it all: looks, brains and a certain humility not often found in Tinseltown. I loved this interview with Terry Gross on NPRs Fresh Air.

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Mira Sorvino may just revive her career

Seriously, where has Mira Sorvino been? After her star-making performance and supporting actress Oscar win with Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, she could not seem to pick a winning movie. I believe Reservation Road could mark a turning point for her. Great cast, great story. great drama. In the movie, she plays a more mature mother battling her own demons. I’d really like to see this do wonders for her career. Maybe we could be looking at the buzz heating up for Mira again….

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Basic movie stats

If you want the lowdown on RR’s running time, where it’s playing, how many stars it’s been rated, check out Moviefone’s link.

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