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Could it happen to you?

As much as I want to see Reservation Road — and boy do I love the cast — there is a part of me that is worried it might be just a little bit depressing. I haven’t yet read the book but the concept — two innocent families caught in a brain chilling tragedy that really, could happen to anyone — makes me just a bit anxious. After all, this is a movie with no monsters or crazy special affects. It’s a simple drama full of raw, pure emotion exploring the topics of revenge and forgiveness and just how far we, as humans are capable of going with each.


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Jennifer Connelly knows what it takes

Drawn to playing somewhat darker roles these days–remember her in “The House of Sand and Fog?” — Jennifer Connelly appears to be both a dark, mysterious beauty along with having the brains to play roles of great depth and intrigue. Married to gorgeous Brit actor Paul Bettany and mother to two young boys, she appears to be the perfect choice to play the mother of a child killed in a hit and run in Reservation Road. Link here for even more Jennifer Connelly.

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Reservation Road’s from an indy house

Just so you don’t get stars in your eyes, keep in mind that Reservation Road’s from an independent film studio. That means it not only has great actors but comes in on budget!

Yes, we all want to see Joaquin, Mark, Jennifer and Mira. So go the Studio site right now.

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